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[Captive-portals] (no subject)

My name is Brian Shields and I am a member of the WBA, where I am currently working with a group of industry peers to address captive portal issues. This group is finalizing a white paper to document the issues and to provide some proposed fixes to ameliorate them. This will be circulated amongst the WBA membership with additional plans to liaise with other standard bodies, with IETF among the first group to do so, and advocate for the advancement of improving practices and experience for the captive network.
That said, the WBA would like to engage with the IETF to address the issues as well as provide support to push some of the current IETF capport activities to practical trials. The WBA next event will be in Frankfurt on Oct 2-3, and we would be glad to invite a IETF delegation to discuss a way forward on the joint collaboration and potentially trials kick-off.
A few of us are planning to join the capport IETF 105 session virtually and look forward to engaging with everyone there. Thanks very much.
Brian Shields
VP, Engineering at Boingo
Project Lead, Captive Network Portal Standards for Wi-Fi Workgroup, WBA