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[Captive-portals] Requests for capport survey items


As I talked in IETF98 "Japanese Survey",
I will conduct a further survey by implementing tool(app?).
I plan to develop the survey tool on Android app or Linux(Raspberry Pi), but
if there are some volunteers, we can work on this survey on several platforms(iOS/Android).

I would like to look for survey items from capport WG members, so
please let me know what you want to see and any ideas for survey method.
I also welcome survey items which should be surveyed for preparing ICMP, API or some future solutions.

I just have started to edit store information for the survey here(will continue to edit).
(URL is opened for everyone in HACKMD)

I appreciate if **all OS vendors** open about what checks they use for Captive Portal Detection,
so please let me know or feel free to edit the information.



 Mariko Kobayashi([email protected])
 Keio Univ. SFC M1
  Jun Murai Lab./WIDE Project/ao(あお)