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Re: [Captive-portals] today's BoF

Hi Eric

Thanks for taking notes during the BoF. 
I added several lines. 
See inline (prefixed with a +).


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I wasn't able to get everything, and I started late.  What follows is a raw dump of what I was able to capture.



Met in Park Ballroom 1
Note Well applies (Warren displayed it on is phone to the room :-)

Partial attendees list:

Margaret Cullen
Mariko Kobayashi
Barry Leiba
Hugo Benichi
Tommy Pauly
David Schinazi
Warren Kumari
Erik Kline
Lorenzo Colitti
Dan Gilmor
Mark Donnelley
Mikael Abrahamsson
+Emile Stephan

Notably absent:
- David Bird

Everyone familiar with RFC 7710

HTTP code 511, RFC 6585

Mariko Kobayashi volunteers to write industry survey of captive portals!

Abrahamsson: there is lots of overlap with alto working group

Desirable to solve:
- automatic login, with credentials
- time left on the clock / expiration time
- agree to legal terms? clients cache hashes of known acceptable terms of service?
- hotel room number and last name style login?
- different categories of service
- agree on simple authentication mechanism
- data allotment (usage based)
- query current status (maintain a persistent connection?)
- what to do when provisioning is done: use as is, teardown and re-associate
    - a la provisioning APNs
+ ~same as above with mobile attachment (mobile use cases).

Apple and Android watch don't have browsers, so can't login into captive portals

Margaret and Donnelley volunteer to write a document proposing a REST API
- Use 7710
- call REST API on 7710 URI
- includes what you need to do to access the portal
- want to include expiration time...

Coova chili has a REST API
- open source captive portal
- should look at this for comparison/...

Schinazi: in France any public wifi requires name, email and terms of service

Some discussion of the ICMP messages.

Usage-based captive portals.

Barry volunteers to discuss being a co-chair

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