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[Captive-portals] Introduction (CP vendor)

Hi everyone,

our company develops a captive portal (iacbox.com) for over 10 years now and we
would like to join this discussion as we're really happy that there are now efforts
like this that try to solve the current problems around CPs.

The current situation is getting more and more disappointing for all four parties
involved: end users, CP owner/operator, OS vendor and CP vendor.
We would be happy to provide the point of view of a CP vendor and our customers,
CP operators. We're facing an increasing number of customers who don't understand
why they get certificate warnings in their browser while they're not logged in yet.

Personally we like the move towards "TLS everywhere" but for a CP we need a solution
that tells a client in advance to visit the login page first.

We came across RFC-7710 some time ago and appreciate such a simple solution (simple
on the CP side, not so simple maybe on the OS side). Of course this is only useful if the
major OS vendors will implement this DHCP option.


 Lukas RUETZ