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Re: [Captive-portals] Feedback requested: Charter text.

Warren Kumari writes:
> > Those goals could be (minimally) achieved by discovering two pieces of
> > information:
> >  - the time remaining on the network
> >  - where to direct human eyeballs if a change to this time is desired
> Yup. I think the fact that there *is* a widget that blocks access
> until it is satisfied is also needed. This is very similar, but subtly
> different to your first bullet....

Yes, and the problem is that this also blocks also non-web traffic,
i.e. your email client in your phone canont get your emails over
imaps, your facebook client do not get notifications etc.

And this is connected to next:

> > There is some additional information that could be interesting
> > later, perhaps: 
> >  - programmatic access to login/logoff functions (useful if time-based
> > charging is involved)
> Yup. This will also be needed for devices that have no UI.

This is not only related to the devices that have no UI, but also to
devices where the UI is not active at the time they want to use the
network (I.e. phone is in the pocket, but getting notification about
new emails or some notifications would be nice).

There is lots of places where you get this login page, which just
lists some terms of usage and policies, and you just click Agree and
then you can get to the network. The problem is that next time you
come to the same lication you need to click it again. Which means
every time I go to the Helsinki Airport, I need to start browser, and
try to access something so I can click "I agree" so I can get my
emails downloading in the background. This is annoying and one of the
original ideas was that there would be a way to tell to the captive
portal that I have already agreed on the terms described on page xyz,
and if they are unchanged, log me in. If not, I can go and ask
question again from user...
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