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Trendline to Zero

On Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 07:10:43PM +0000, coderman wrote:
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> On Friday, June 28, 2019 6:55 PM, Ryan Carboni <33389 at protonmail.com> wrote:
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> > What was the motivation for focusing immense resources on me? Because some psychologist in the Behavioral Analysis Unit thought I was most likely to crack?
> a common outcome in deterrence strategies is acting out. they provoke you until you commit an actionable offense.
> they're destroying your life - it's easy to see how this provocation often succeeds.
> if you act out, their bias and prejudice is confirmed. you deserved it all along.
> if you suffer through, well, you did something wrong they can't pin on you. fair 'nuff.
> seen through a scanner darkly, there are no innocents.

Yes, "our" governments have by deemonic statute fiat, created
(almost?) all citizens as criminals, under permanent stress in
relation to everyday activities from driving to browsing to shopping
to communicating to associating with acquaintances to every other bit
of living.

Must disagree though - no, there's no "fair enough" about it!

When the star chambers uphold oppressive laws by which every citizen
is in one technicality or another, a criminal, we have arrived where
our governments are simply the slightly better organized gang
committing literally highway robbery, at gunpoint, upon the majority.

This is by no sane measure "fair enough" - the reason "one suffers,
well you did something wrong" is because normal human behaviour has
been declared criminal:

 - talking about criminal government actions ("all government actions
   are national security, no government action is illegal")

 - travelling safely to friends or for shopping ("you drove at 8%
   over the speed limit, that's a strict liability, and your
   suspended license due to similar offences means you are now at
   risk of jail")

 - random blood sampling (to "combat" drug and drink driving)

 - forced medication (e.g. fluoride in the water, rainwater tanks
   used to be illegal in most of Australia, highly punitive regimes
   for those who choose medications other than vaccinations)

 - criminalization of the right to bear arms

 - criminalization of the right to grow any plant/ certain plants

 - publishing certain crimes (whistleblowing), and certain "crimes"
   (hate speech, and "crimes" which may not be legally published)

 - securing, or even attempting to secure, your private
   communications with other humans

and on, and on, and on.

If you are not a criminal, you are not living a normal life.

And if you are predatorial and engage in criminal actions on others
of good character (a criminal in the traditional meaning of the
word), often enough the courts will uphold your behaviour or let you
off with extraordinarily lenient sentences, whilst actual victims are
further victimized/ demonized.

It's a tough time to be alive.

Create your world muh grits,