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Trendline to Zero

First the government harassed me and claimed it wasn't happening, going so far as to put me into the strange mid-ground between a mental health hold and arresting me.

Then they claim that... what? It was an elaborate long term plan? I outright say the government is harassing me... and they are. And the government is lying about it.

The government likes to brag it has capabilities, but the problem is that they hire stupid people. You have to be stupid not to see the US as corrupt, while having access to all that they do.

The government is trying to outsmart me. It has immense resources, and it is failing horribly, even though I am just one person, systematically isolated (no incriminating metadata though, right?), and is failing. Every time.

And I can say this because the government brags that it is doing it, so they have to create a parallel investigation every few months to find something new to pin on me. And then I ruin the parallel investigation because apparently only a genius can understand that "any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex...".

I demand my own freedom. The government says no. The stakes are too stupid for this to continue, and yet it does.

The government is able to lie, yes. The government is self-aware that some actions are unpopular yes. The government believes it is executing the will of the people. Um.

To quote a previous email from me: On a side note, what is the legal culpability of someone who wasn't on the radar of an investigation, is alleged to be involved by a third party already admittedly unreliable due to lies, as a result, the first party faces the full brunt of an investigation for a decade while the third party goes off scott free? This is one of self-evident impropriety things.

What was the motivation for focusing immense resources on me? Because some psychologist in the Behavioral Analysis Unit thought I was most likely to crack? I wasn't involved. The government made me involved. There is no metadata. I demand the government to disclose the facts. The government believes it is representative, and so it conceals the truth.

And so I post this, yet the government has no real reaction?

I think I should go further, the government is intimidated, and so it must engage in secrecy.

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