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Google bias exposed...

On Thu, 27 Jun 2019 22:20:39 +0000 (UTC)
jim bell <jdb10987 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Sure looks like you are defending Google now.

	except, if you go back to a message I wrote a couple of days ago, I made it pretty clear that I don't need any 'software' telling me that google-NSA-GCHQ is just a propaganda outlet for "american govcorp".

	If you still think I'm defending google, I'll add that all of google's "key people" should be beaten to death. Along with trumpo. 

> Old saying from a 1970 poster:"If it's the truth, what does it matter who said it?"
> These days, any given story gets re-covered by a spectrum of news outlets.  If you are dissatisfied with one, you may look for others...Ooops!  Until Google itself starts censoring some, even many sources. 

	Of course. I've no doubt that's how google works. And I don't need any automated system to teach me that.

> https://youtu.be/m3RVo67b9Ck
> Does "punk" realize that YouTube, owned by Google, took down the Gennai video, to keep people from learning what she said?  

	heh - again - why would google-NSA-GCHQ NOT do that? I mean, everybody with half a brain should by now know what google is? 

	by the way here's the biased original source 


	Anyway, I am still curious, how do you envision a system that detects 'bias' in political propaganda...?