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Social media services support account spoofing

HI Ryan - try not to worry about it so much. There just bunch parionoid freaks all talk about is govt this govt that. Who really cares. Have a beer take a deep breath and enjoy the simple things in life like a sunset.

Regards rooty

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On Jun 18, 2019, 9:32 AM, Ryan Carboni wrote:

> Social media services support account spoofing, this simplifies the creation of government sockpuppets. Government sockpuppets can also assume the history of other accounts (this is a simple series of mysql commands, any codebase can accomplish this by copying entries and assigning them to a new ID),
> This is a substantial concern to privacy rights.
> I am being harassed when I attempt to form new friends over the internet. The US government has effectively controlled my entire life, and I condemn it entirely. I see no use for the DOJ Inspector General if this conduct is so widespread that in my particular case it is considered to be permissible.
> I think all social media websites that failed to engage in proper oversight of this "investigation" should have computer issues.
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