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Social media services support account spoofing

On 6/18/19, coderman <coderman at protonmail.com> wrote:
> On Tuesday, June 18, 2019 4:32 PM, Ryan Carboni <33389 at protonmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Social media services support account spoofing, this simplifies the
>> creation of government sockpuppets. Government sockpuppets can also assume
>> the history of other accounts (this is a simple series of mysql commands,

>> This is a substantial concern to privacy rights.

>> I am being harassed when I attempt to form new friends over the internet.
>> The US government has effectively controlled my entire life, and I condemn
>> it entirely.

> back in dec 2015 the US Gov. executed an attack on my dedicated server
> https://ello.co/ohj2eevi/post/jwqux_ngf4ohtajxdyszjg
> during this attack, nearly every single online service was unavailable to me
> this coincided with local technical surveillance efforts.

> the mechanism is
> more dynamic than I expected.

People simply have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA the truth and extent
of what is now arrayed against them in all theatres and modes of life.

As to "social media", Christchurch just contexted and gifted in a
whole new suite of surveillance, data mining exchange and control
over everyone.

"Social credit scores", are now a thing in the US too, and are not
even close to the worst of the [open] secret crap being deployed
to enslave and fuck everyone over.

> - US based services are used as vehicle to deploy malware to target
> - Denial of Service is trivial with PRISM access; e.g. a single UPDATE to
> target

> - the services which did work were decentralized or little known.

> sadly, you can see that 2 of my 5 posts were later taken down.
> https://ello.co/ohj2eevi - 5 posts, but only 3 available.

So insert all 5 and more into a distributed datastore.

People really need to start using distributed encrypted overlay networks
for storage and messaging. Then drop links to their data on all
their expendable surface channels for the rest of the non
overlay embedded world to see. A handful of reasonable distrubuted
overlays, immutable blockchain keystores, radio networks,
etc do exist as choices now, and are getting better.
Seek them out and share them.

Restructure the entire ecosystem of social, comms,
projects and efforts.

ie: WikiLeaks 2.0 is not likely to be solely a surface organization.

And cryptocurrency is becoming a thing, at least so
long as distributed permissionless privacy become and
remain aspects.

> some services which continued to work:
> - XMPP over Tor with OTR to a hidden service XMPP server.
> - Etherpad on Tor hidden service.
> - Tor hidden services in general :)
> - IRC via VPN or Tor as anonymous / random account.

> ... so what does this mean?  simply: you cannot trust [...] services
> backed by a business. you may not be able to trust a service run by an
> individual, either