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NSA dDos attack on Telegram Messenger. FAIL

"You get what you pay for" is a "rent seekers paradise" meme.

"You get what you pay for" applies in the proprietary software |
platform | app world.

In the Free Libre and Open Source Software world, often you pay zero

and there's some expectation that there may be a greater learning
curve, though this is by no means certain;

and there is always access to the source code, along with certain
modification and distribution rights to that source code.

So in this latter case of FLOSS, you pay no $, but you get very great
/ significant freedoms. You might make some sacrifices, but over the
long term, you get collective benefits for those sacrifices.

The "you get what you pay for" meme is a leading phrase in that it
leads the speaker or listener into a dichotomy around money - pay
money and get benefits, pay no money and be treated as the product
(i.e., get treated badly) - but this is all in the context of
proprietary software.

Services around FLOSS software can provide "pay $ for it" options for
those who require or need this, and can afford the dollars, and the
long term benefit of this is an industry built around freedom and
rights respecting technologies. More such long term thinking might be
useful at this point in history.

Create your world,

On Thu, Jun 13, 2019 at 02:44:35PM +1000, Nadine Earnshaw wrote:
> You get what you pay for
> https://crypviser.network/
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> >> On 13 Jun 2019, at 12:19 pm, Zenaan Harkness <zen at freedbms.net> wrote:
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> >> On Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 06:45:31PM -0700, Razer wrote:
> >> Pepe Escobar reported it that way first thing this morning. ZERO reportage via a google search. Telegram twitter account thread called it MASSIVE: https://twitter.com/telegram/status/1138768124914929664?s=19
> >> Rr
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> > Stay strong and keep clarity, fam!
> > 
> > Live in the inbetweenerwebs. Gorilla pockets. Independent automous
> > communicating pods, pairs, individuals.
> > 
> > Simplify your stacks. Clear your webs. Track your logables.
> > 
> > The deep throaters, I mean deep staters are thrashing at the moment,
> > a lashing and a gnashing in the agony of limiting restricting
> > reducing contracting gibs - the almighty Ewe Ess Dollah be on the way
> > down, the other kids startin to play different games, leaving the
> > bully on his own.
> > 
> > Bully aware of coming isolation, growing global antipathy, the
> > consequences of many decades, centuries of evil, reaping what was
> > raped.
> > 
> > Good intentions, awareness and many good things are demonized,
> > demonically deemed evil so that war, gore and murder can be
> > glorified, lionized, statutorized, dictated, dominated, all dissent
> > and exposure utterly crushed under sociopathic murderous power.
> > 
> > Good luck and create your world,