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NSA dDos attack on Telegram Messenger. FAIL

On Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 06:45:31PM -0700, Razer wrote:
> Pepe Escobar reported it that way first thing this morning. ZERO reportage via a google search. Telegram twitter account thread called it MASSIVE: https://twitter.com/telegram/status/1138768124914929664?s=19
> Rr

Stay strong and keep clarity, fam!

Live in the inbetweenerwebs. Gorilla pockets. Independent automous
communicating pods, pairs, individuals.

Simplify your stacks. Clear your webs. Track your logables.

The deep throaters, I mean deep staters are thrashing at the moment,
a lashing and a gnashing in the agony of limiting restricting
reducing contracting gibs - the almighty Ewe Ess Dollah be on the way
down, the other kids startin to play different games, leaving the
bully on his own.

Bully aware of coming isolation, growing global antipathy, the
consequences of many decades, centuries of evil, reaping what was

Good intentions, awareness and many good things are demonized,
demonically deemed evil so that war, gore and murder can be
glorified, lionized, statutorized, dictated, dominated, all dissent
and exposure utterly crushed under sociopathic murderous power.

Good luck and create your world,