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latest false flag attack?

On 11/09/2018 16:10, juan wrote:
> [911] was done by the US military - the only scum capable of doing it.

Easy for a bunch of camel jockeys with box cutters to do it, when the 
FBI has a quota on how many misbehaving Muslims they can arrest.

And if you had any evidence for any of clever and complicated things the 
troofers had proposed, you would have linked to evidence

The only links you guys ever produce are one liar linking to another 
liar making the same claim with the same total and complete lack of 
evidence, a sybil attack against sanity in support of genocidaires.

You create a seemingly large number of voices all saying the same thing, 
but none of the links actually point to anything except each other.

Sybil attack to gaslight the sane.