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Alice and Bob

View the Source, Luke

On 09/10/2018 08:06 PM, Steven Schear wrote:
> Alice is sending her message to Bob
> Protecting that transmission is crypto's job
> Without the help out of our good friend Trent
> It's hard to get that secret message sent
> Work tries to deposit a check of your salary
> But with no crypto it'll be changed by Mallory
> You think no one will see what it is, you believe?
> But you should never forget, there's always an Eve
> [Hook]
> Cause I'm encrypting shit like every single day
> Sending data across the network in a safe way
> Protecting messages to make my pay
> If you hack me you're guilty under the DMCA
> DES is wrong if you listen to NIST
> Double DES ain't no better that got dissed
> Twofish for AES that was Schneier's wish
> Like a shot from the key Rijndael made a swish
> But Blowfish is still the fastest in the land
> And Bruce's uses his fame to make a few grand
> Use ECB and I'll crack your ciphertext
> Try CFB mode to keep everyone perplexed
> [Repeat hook]
> Random numbers ain't easy to produce
> Do it wrong, and your key I'll deduce
> RSA: the only public cipher in the game
> Created it helped give Rivest his fame
> If we could factor large composites in poly time
> We'd have enough money to not have to rhyme
> Digesting messages with a hashing function
> Using SHA-1'ers so I won't cause disfunction
> [Repeat hook]
> Password confirmed
> Standby

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