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The Assassination Of Donald Trump

On 10/25/18 9:25 PM, CANNON wrote:
> On 10/24/2018 08:37 AM, Steven Schear wrote:
>> https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-23/cj-hopkins-assassination-donald-trump

> And I am sick of all these low intelligent people trying to compare Trump to Hitler.

Trump is not fit to shine Hitler's boots.

Hitler was a combat wounded veteran who lived in poverty and worked
tirelessly to develop and promote his political vision; he took big
risks and spent time in jail in the process. Hitler was a fanatical
extremist, virulently xenophobic, and once his physician started giving
him cocaine and amphetamine in his vitamin shots he became full blown
paranoid psychotic.

Compare Trump: A poor little rich kid, ass deep in old school organized
crime, he has managed to piss away 2/3 of his inheritance just proving
himself to the public as a Big Success Story. Hitler was many ugly,
dangerous things, but never an ignorant, narcissistic buffoon fronting
for a radical faction of oligarchs intent on looting the remains of his
country's national economy.

> I am sick of them saying that Trump and Trump supporters are "nazis" or "kkk".
> Such is utter ridiculousness and lacks any logic.

A list of common features of fascism, from historian John Hawkins:

1. Totalitarian
2. Extreme nationalism
3. Top down revolution or movement
4. Destructive divisionism such as racism and class warfare
5. Extreme anti-communism, anti socialism and anti-liberal views
6. Extreme exploitation
7. Opportunistic ideology lacking in consistency as a means to grab power
8. Unbridled Corporatism
9. Reactionary
10. The use of violence and terror to attain and maintain power
11. Cult-like figurehead
12. The expounding of mysticism or religious beliefs

Our Mr. Trump, his administration and its backers don't fire on all of
the above cylinders, but I see close correlations in Trump
administration rhetoric, policy and performance on items 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
8, 9 and 11.  Eight out of twelve ain't a bad start.  On item 12, Trump
himself does not pose as Christian but a majority of his loyal followers
do.  Items 1 and 10 would apply, but the inertia of U.S. political
institutions greatly slows the Trump crew's progress on establishing a
Totalitarian State controlled by State terrorism - further progress on
those fronts will require a large scale economic collapse, which we
might call a work in progress.

> If you want to talk about Hitler, and nazis. Nazi was short for "National SOCIALIST" in German.
> Socialism is an ideology of the left.

"Nazi" derives from NSDAP, itself an acronym for words that translate as
Nationalist Socialist Democratic Worker's Party.

Why "socialist"?  Because at the time the Party's name was coined,
Socialism was very popular in Germany - the German people didn't have
it, but they wanted it.  What they got was iron rule by a consortium of
industrialists, bankers and political ideologues, who rose to power with
the support of "ultra conservative" U.S. industrial, financial and
military power brokers including even the Dulles Brothers.  Union
busting, and literally rounding up and slaughtering Communists and
Socialists do not sound much like the actions of a Left Wing government
to me.

> And as for antifa, ANTIFA is by definition a fascist group. They are against free speech, and against other constitutional rights. They suppress
> free speech and attack those whom would disagree with them. And they attack and taunt pro-2nd amendment rallies. They vandalize, 
> taunt, and attack anyone they disagree with. The opposition to liberty, and the suppression of  those that stand for liberty, 
> through terrorism and violence is in itself fascism. How can anyone whom is against free speech, 2nd amendment, and lacks tolerance NOT be considered fascists?

Antifa stands against efforts to organize and grow a U.S. populist
movement devoted to White Supremacy under iron Corporate rule.  Again,
compare the organizations under the Unite The Right banner with the list
of common features of fascism presented above:  They score higher than
the Trump Administration itself, because they do not have to adapt to
the constraints of attacking an established government from within its
own structure.

Comparing today's U.S. Antifa activists to the list of common features
of fascism above, I see correlations with items... um, item 9 only.  By
definition, any social or political movement that names and defines
itself as anti-something qualifies as "reactionary."

> This world has come to lunacy.  

Our Reublican and Democratic Parties, and their financial sponsors,
share a uniform commitment to continued exponential growth of heavy
industry, as well as the ongoing transfer money and power from whole
populations to the hands of their financial and industrial masters.
They may not "mean to" destroy the world as we know it, but they will do
so because "Me first, and if that's a problem it's somebody else's

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