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latest feminist atrocity - feminist scum attacks Cody Wilson.

	Somehow I missed the last pentagon's operation. Checking the archive I see there was an obscure reference  by christian fascist stormer zenaan, but unsurprisingly it was useless. 

	so without further intro


	3-D Printed Gun Promoter, Cody Wilson, Is Charged With Sexual Assault of Child

	"Mr. Wilson, 30, is accused of having sex with a 16-year-old girl at a hotel in Austin on Aug. 15 and paying her $500 in cash" 

	OOPS. So there wasn't any child involved. There was a 16 year, that is an adult, whore. But in the puritan, feminazi, americunt cesspool, 16 year old whores are 'children'.

	Now, it should be underscored that usually whores are belong to one of the most honest professions on the planet, but some whores, like this one are scum.