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[PEACE] - African children denied homeland by Whites^BChinese - [MINISTRY]

A reminder for those who missed the memo:

 Ann Coulter: â??there has never been a more pacific, less rapey
 creature than the white male of Western European descentâ??

So we must unite my brothers and sisters, spread the message of peace
and equality of all humans and denounce evil Chinese skin-haters who
are driven by irrational hate for nothing other than the color of

African children from Somalia, South Afridan, Zambia and elsewhere
are being denied their own homelands - we must secure the existence
of African people and a future for black children, without the evil
Chinese Communist overlords enslaving them all in debt, because of
the color of their skin!

Please, think of the African children!

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Slant-Eyed Overlords

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Irrational Hate for Skin Color

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Islamic Than Somalia

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for Life

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