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re "Universal Human Values" and the 10 commandments -- [[email protected]: We need to think about Australia!!!!!! NOW] - [MINISTRY] [PEACE]

On 2018-10-05 09:26, jamesd at echeque.com wrote:
On 2018-10-05 04:53, Zenaan Harkness wrote:Nazi masturbation
> machines and the subsequent sterilization of the Jewish children "so
> masturbated" is NO laughing matter:

Yes it is a laughing matter.

When they instituted the rule that women complaining about men were 
always to be believed, a lot of hilariously improbable stories came out, 
and when they instituted the rule that Jews complaining about Nazis were 
always to be believed, a lot of hilariously improbable stories came out 
and the masturbation machine story is particularly hilarious and 
particularly improbable.

During the twentieth century, approximately one hundred million to one 
hundred and seventy million people were politically murdered.

A great many Jews were wrongfully killed, but those crimes need to be 
put in their proper perspective, and their proper perspective is that 
these were an absolutely trivial, boring, and insignificant part of the 
crimes of the twentieth century, that Jews have gone completely 
overboard in absurd and excessively inventive elaborations of the crimes 
committed against them, that the crimes committed against the Jews are 
such a minor part of the enormous crimes of the twentieth century that 
they should only be remembered in the footnotes of long and dusty 
history books.

The ingenious elaboration of the crimes against the Jews is part of a 
campaign to obfuscate the reality that the crimes of the twentieth 
century were a result of covetousness and envy.  There is no such thing 
as racism, for if their was such a thing, we would have had a word for 
it before the twentieth century.  Racism is a whipping boy invented to 
excuse covetousness and envy, and to distract attention from the crimes 
committed out of covetousness and envy.

The poster girl Jewish victim of the Nazis was created from a schoolgirl 
instead of a shopkeeper in order to hide the similarity between what 
happened then, and what is now happening in Venezuela and South Africa.