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[apc.members] OpenVPN

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So what... put the thing in a vm / jail / whatever that offers separate
routing table from rest of system, use that to split horizon.

> 3 4 click

Toggling bad... cookies, tls session keys, browser / stack retransmits,
homing intervals, etc. Separate instances are needed to avoid.

> *

Plugin, openvpn, whichever... you still have basic security architecture
issues to address.

> level for leaks with no problem so far.

Doesn't mean it wont. Packet filter is needed protection.

Though not as bad as the remote-load-js-code-on-every-use
of 'encrypted' webmail services (lol), plugins still phone home
autoupdate, may be binary blobs, etc.

> anon free sign up

Some vpn's need only a VC transaction, ie: bitcoin, z*, etc.
Get from ATM / meetup / labor, mix, contribute to VC economy.