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[apc.members] OpenVPN

>> A Russian government agent tried to get informations about one of my friends
>> using his own kids, asking them about "their daddy's friends", about
>> "daddy's job", and so go on.


> Try privatix vpn firefox addon. It is one click to enable in the
> browser and is free too.

Provided by the service? For load and exec in your browser? And "free"?
Lol! Run, run far far away.

Use a real opensource OS... BSD, Linux... whonix qubes concept,
or roll your own... actual packet filters, OpenVPN or similar, VMs etc.

A "free" tier of a legit pay service might be ok if they
are profitable enough to do it.
Finding a legit service is hard, always search negative opinion.

There are various p2p vpn's, proxies and other services
people can join in volunteer with and use.
Tor is the most well known of them.
As with all, must validate each tool with your threat model
and usage, so to not end up swiss cheese.