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[Cryptography] Hacking spread spectrum clocking of HW ?

Various government subjects wrote:
> eg: Laws in US forbid use of encrypted radio

Traditional spread spectrum seem rather off the shelf
and wouldn't really consider encrypted as such.
What I mentioned *is* encrypted, both at the RF
layer itself, and at the data layer riding on top.
It's also really hard to locate random background
noise (power). Even if, since random noise can't be
proven to be crypto, it can't be shut down due to
any crypto reason, insufficient cause.

Nor do guerrilla radios care about such laws.

> In the US hams can encrypt under exactly one specified circumstance:
> Control of a space station, meaning a radio station on a satellite. That
> is presumably to keep "outsiders" from taking over control.

The history of any such takeovers, classified or otherwise,
would be interesting read.