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Proxy / VPN before Tor in Qubes: Tor bootstrap stops at 80%

On 5/25/16, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Try turning up debugging.
> Debugging shows me that results are all OK until Tor socksport reachability

> I'm using JonDo ip changer
> What do you means about pointing tor at tor?

Tor provides a SOCKS5 interface on the front that
is presumably written correctly and not third party,
to eliminate jondo and at least test tor at/over tor.

./tor --socks5proxy (-->) ./tor --socksport (-->) internet

You may also like to please consider supporting this feature...

# Provide a socks5 server port for user apps to use

... which would then make this an interesting narrow portal
to route specific apps through (and things like p2p where you
cannot predict / program the far end host to route to) without
gratuitously grabbing the entire routing table of the host...

./openvpn --config c.ovpn --verb 4 --socks-proxy 9050
--route-noexec --route-up /usr/bin/env --script-security 2

This may also be of related use to some users...

# MAPADDRESS for IP ranges (CIDR, etc)

Gmail breaks thread to add VPN subject, sorry.