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What Omidyar's been up to...

> "Inordinate wealth" (i.e. enslaving other humans) can be achieved with
> property ownership - the owner then becomes a land lord, collecting
> rent; that's difficult to achieve with NO property ownership

On 5/16/16, Cari Machet <[email protected]> wrote:>
> Maybe they are news gathering to scope out where the next good eats are

Basically this. Unless the current occupants are the ones both
- setting up the system
- with their names on the title in the end

Bringing God to the godless usually isn't wanted and doesn't help.

>  i.e. if you're allowed to live in your house without paying rent, grow food
> without someone taking that food, and barter than food and your work
> efforts without being taxed and can travel freely, then you are
> essentially free - BUT land and property OWNERSHIP fucks that all up.

Once you give up your voluntary rights, it starts looking dismal fast...