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What Omidyar's been up to...

On 5/16/16, J <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Content generated by the team will be featured on news.trust.org, the
>> Thomson Reuters Foundationâ??s website, and on place.trust.org, the new
>> platform dedicated to land and property rights.
> Who would possibly trust an organization whose domain name is "trust.org"?
> I know nothing else about this group, but from that fact alone it's obvious
> they are not to be trusted.

Intending to raise awareness of issues around the primary foundation
of capitalism ("property rights") is not a bad thing per se.

But I have concerns with this already
- Reuters to me is MSM
- 'a billion readers a day'
- 'aims to generate and curate trusted news' yeah I'm sure they do,
but is this something you say?
- "the worldâ??s first global news team dedicated to coverage of land
and property rights" sounds like an agenda about to be pushed by the
current MSM/ planetary power brokers
- "the launch of a new digital platform" - GTFOOH, a new digital
platform! aren't we all going to be impressed - Yee Haw people,
someone's about to save the world (now where's an old Sega system)

My greatest concern is that this media platform could be a foundation
for promoting and facilitating changes which will empower capitalist
opportunism enslaving people to a greater and greater degree - i.e.
empowering those who already have monetary power in the world to
increase their monetary power over those in the world who they
currently have difficulty enslaving due to LACK of property ownership

Stability of community and family requires stability of:
- access to clean water for drinking, cooking and growing food
- right to use land to grow food
- warmth, i.e. a roof and heating and cooking ability
- and prosperity requires (I think) the right to freedom of free and
anonymous travel.

"Inordinate wealth" (i.e. enslaving other humans) can be achieved with
property ownership - the owner then becomes a land lord, collecting
rent; that's difficult to achieve with NO property ownership - i.e. if
you're allowed to live in your house without paying rent, grow food
without someone taking that food, and barter than food and your work
efforts without being taxed and can travel freely, then you are
essentially free - BUT land and property OWNERSHIP fucks that all up.

Ownership of land per se is not a prerequisite to stable and abundant
community, and indeed "ownership" of land has ultimately been the
foundation of Western society's --massive-- wealth divide. Phrases
like "rent seekers", opportunists, rates and taxation, leverage of
capital and ultimately widespread economic slavery ought come to mind
at this point...

Russia is still giving plots of land to its people, and does not allow
sale inside of the first 5 years of ownership. My view is that this
time period should be greater, or perhaps documents should be made
readily available so those who are inclined, protect said land for
their grandchildren's use (and not sale) in a legal trust.

(I'll grant the original marketing material is pretty slick, but
bypasses a metric tonne of important, --foundation-- considerations;
agenda or ignorance, take your pick.)