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How long before compulsory microchipping of cattle, I mean, 'citizens'?

On May 19, 2016 11:49:40 AM [email protected] wrote:

> There are two sorts of vendors for faraday equipment.
> The "anti-radiation" nut jobs and the forensics and security vendors.
> If there web site contains mention of homeopathy or emf field protection,
> the products are probably crap.
> If they mention things like "evidence protection" they are probably not
> cranks.
> I made the mistake of buying from the first sort once. Nice pretty fabric
> that did nothing useful.
> Amazon carries isolation pouches for cell phones that work very nice to
> shield RFID chips and they only cost $10. Some are more expensive if you
> want a window to look inside.

Right, but for not much more than $10 (mine was $16 and is quite nice), you 
can pick up an actual but nondescript RFID-blocking wallet made by some 
place like Travelon (for those who do not want to look like they're headed 
to Defcon every time they pull out their wallet.)

The thing to watch for is how well the entire wallet acts as a Faraday 
cage, which is why I suggested checking for leaks around the edges.  Some 
of the wallets only have lining in the credit card slots, so check the 
effectiveness of the blocking just by scanning a key card or metro card 
while it's still inside your wallet.  Zippers and seams are where these 
things are likely to fail so be sure to try to scan the card through them 
when testing.