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How long before compulsory microchipping of cattle, I mean, 'citizens'?

On May 19, 2016 10:13:57 AM Rayzer <[email protected]> wrote:

> My Social Security retirement fund 'Credit Card' has an rfid chip. They
> DO NOT issue checks anymore. They know their senior citizens are a
> threat and they want to track our purchasing patterns. Buy a little more
> fertilizer than your garden needs and wham-bam You're at Gitmo getting
> forced geritol enemas.

They may still issue the forced Geritol enemas (ha), but you can withdraw 
your monthly direct deposit and just use cash (or prepaid credit cards for 
online transactions) etc.  Of course it doesn't stop them from snooping, 
but not having all the puzzle pieces in one box makes them work for it and 
it has the added bonus of diluting info siphoned by the data broker scum.

As to RFID chips in general: don't forget that there are active and passive 
chips, and proximity matters.  The dog catcher can't drive down your street 
with a scanner to see who has pets.  That's not how passive RFID implants 
work. (Source: I am a grinder.)  Before you worry that someone is scanning 
a crowd to ID protesters, check it against a card reader to measure the 
proximity.  It's much more likely they'd identify people in a crowd by 
facial recognition.

That said, RFID-blocking wallets and passport holders have been available 
for 15+ years and you should consider using one.  They're relatively 
inexpensive now, but you can go totally DIY and use a metal container.  A 
large Altoids tin (if they still make them, sometimes seen around the 
holidays) also holds a passport and a mobile phone.  Very handy if you need 
to go totally dark in an instant.  Always check for leaks around the edges 
of a wallet or container before trusting your safety to it.