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[Fwd: Multiple Internets]

On 2/10/16, Sean Lynch <[email protected]> wrote:
> Your immediate next door neighbor, yes. But forget crossing a street or
> wiring the house two doors down if your immediate neighbor doesn't agree.

Across street requires guerrilla horizontal boring deep enough
to not be found during complete roadway / utility replacement.
You can rent the rigs yourself. Or go the permit route.
First door usually don't mind getting to second if you propose
path and demonstrate proper shovel / laying technique that
doesn't fuck up their lawn. Beer helps.
You can also VPN over incumbents, but that is traffic correlation

> One should definitely use wired links when possible, but this problem is
> why the telcos and cable companies are able to maintain their local
> monopolies/oligopolies.

They do it because property owners ultimately granted ROW in
return for service, they then paid govt to keep it.
However, they will have an extremely hard to impossible time
trying to shoot down new ROW grants over new path by same
owners for novel new more or less private service.
All you have to do is sell your service... 'free', 'private',
and even 'local' are compelling if you spin it right.

> exchanging files with a local village server using something akin to UUCP,

At least for sensitive content,
that works if the files are encrypted (courier rightly demands this) and
have specific consumers (pki or shared secret symmetric, otherwise
courier wouldn't touch them). Though as before, if they're to be of
global use to everyone, the courier can't know contents, and they
have to be pluggable so that they become global when plugged.

> Could do the same thing with attribution-resistant bootleg servers planted
> in stealthy locations.

USB dead drops... Library Freedom Project... running client/server
nodes... publicly accessible injection and retrieval points within
censorship resistant overlay networks...