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[Fwd: Multiple Internets]

Posting 'useful' (your definition) older emails like this I think is good.

>> 4. The non-profit, open-source, volunteer internet providing services
>> or products at no cost or for donations.
>> 5. The closed sub-internets, mil-gov classified, SCADA, restricted
>> and special purpose networks used by operators and administrators of
>> backbones, nodes, satellite, cable, wired and wireless systems,
>> Second, the unknown internets, with or without evident access logging:
>> 6. The covert policing and spying internet which watches, logs,
>> mucks around, runs stings, causes accidents and shut-downs, cuts
>> cables, runs surprise tests and attacks, and keeps alive the demand
>> for covert oversight of all the known others.
>> 7. The covert internets which hide among all the others, or try to
>> subject to discovery by 6.
>> 8. The evanescent internets which are set up, used and disappear
>> quickly, openly or covertly, subject to 6.
>> 9. The wayward and waylaid internets which cannot be identified:
>> rogues, experiments, mistakes, erratic systems, unexpected
>> glitches and consequences, acts of nature, forgotten protocols,
>> inept code, destructive code, lost access techniques, death
>> of the perpetrators.
>> 10. Internets of combinations, hybrids, deceptions, ploys and
>> warfare among 1-9.

We need a good name for the internet with these attributes:
- not so ad-hoc
- physical layer
- localised/ immediate neighbourhood area mini-nets

- eventually (if useful) a meta network connecting these

Since in general we don't own our internet tubes, the mostly
profit-motivated companies that do have ongoing economic incentive to
centralize, control, be taken over by larger fish.

We need to grok a counter-principle, such that we can over the longer
term reverse this trend.

This requires perhaps some perceivable benefit(s) to the local
neighbours and their phy nodes, to warrant the hour or so required to
connect to each other.

So where could such features/ benefits arise?:
- some new dynamic of torrents?
- local/ community "library" concept?
- privacy?
- anonymity?