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Needs more hardware hacking dox

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On 04/28/2016 09:41 AM, Travis Biehn wrote:
> I think there is not any single black box module component.
> All of the things are 'storing data' 'all the time' 'intentionally 
> logging' 'inadvertently logging' - then data are recovered from
> all available (non-smoldering) modules.

The "black box" in recently made motor vehicles is the Electronic
Control Module, a computer usually located under the dashboard on the
passenger side, right against the firewall.  It reads sensors and runs
servos throughout the engine, and stores diagnostic error messages
about same.  Today's version of a "racing cam" is a custom chip
installed in the ECM.  A modern automotive engine can not run with its
ECM disconnected.

The ECM also accepts inputs from the driver's controls, runs the
anti-lock braking servos, and controls dashboard readouts.  Some can
even drive the car, as Michael Hastings seems to have learned the hard

In recent vehicles equipped with GPS, the receiver should normally be
integral to the ECM, as is the radio that makes push updates to ECM
software and/or hostile remote control of the vehicle possible.
Factory supported LoJack style security systems and RF door keys would
also be integral to the ECM.

Details will vary, but ECMs made by one manufacturer for all of its
vehicles are usually very similar to one another.  Maintenance manuals
relevant to the make, model and year of the vehicle in question will
"tell all" - or at least, tell enough - if you can access the right ones

Most paranoid motor vehicle end users (I almost said "owners," silly
me) would be quite happy with their ECM's functions, IF its radios
were silenced.  Once the physical components of those radios have been
identified, "let me count the ways" to disable them without killing
the vehicle.

And that's were a project digging out those details, doing
constructive sabotage and publishing the details and results in one
place for e-z user access seems like a good idea to me.


> On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 11:30 PM, <[email protected]
> <mailto:[email protected]>> wrote:
> | Field tested cheat sheets on security oriented, low tech DIY
> hardware | mods are among the most subversive things that can be
> published on the | technical front. CPunks subscribers may or may
> not personally need those | docs for the Nameless Mission or Big
> Show in our lifetimes, but others | do need them now.
> Yes.
> I want to know how to kill the black box on a new car so I can stop
> having to weld up the rust on my existing 24 year old ride.
> --dan
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