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Needs more hardware hacking dox

Annual token on-topic post:

Hardware considerations are inherent to the creation and solution of
practical crypto problems, because good crypto is best solved by
attacking the platforms it runs on.  The 'internet of things' creates a
massive comms attack surface, also best solved at the platform level
i.e. signals discipline.  When the scope of a project includes
non-attribution by 3rd parties, hit and run network access via tightly
controlled hardware is the only thing that can work against a well
funded State adversary.

I don't see much about hardware hacking on CPunks. I know that folks who
have worked on digital circuit design and manufacture are lurking out
there, also a bunch of ham radio people. Things they take for granted
are utterly mysterious to lesser mortals, including "computer experts"
focused on software and networking.

Field tested cheat sheets on security oriented, low tech DIY hardware
mods are among the most subversive things that can be published on the
technical front. CPunks subscribers may or may not personally need those
docs for the Nameless Mission or Big Show in our lifetimes, but others
do need them now.

How many lusers put tape over their laptop camera lens, but neglect to
cut the pins on the microphone?  How many people even know their shiny
new car has a GPS receiver and an IP capable two-way radio enabling
remote sabotage, and of these, how many know where the antenna
connections are?  There's a lot of room to educate a justifiably
paranoid public on practical aspects of these and similar matters, if
anyone has the time and interest to make that a Thing.


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