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When is it necessary to take up arms?

Certainly, when your life, and the lives of many in your community,
are simultaneously going to be threatened - this type of situation is
known to some in recent times.

When is necessary to take up arms:

"The leader of the resistance of Donbass defends his decision to arm
his supporters. â??Raging Ukro-Nazis were beginning to destroy Soviet
monuments. Were we supposed to dutifully wait until this crazy beast
came to us? Or were we to lay down our heads before the heirs of the
Hitlerites and their indigenous henchmen?(â?¦) Time quickly showed that
we were right. In Odessa, where the â??Kuliovo Fieldâ?? movement decided
not to take up weapons in hand and did not worry about the force of
the authorities but instead hoped to peacefully collect signatures for
the autonomy of Novorossiya, their people were simply burned alive. In
Zaporozhye, a rally was brutally broken up by force.â??

Part 1:

Part 2:

There are reenactments, footage of actual events, many photos and
details of mass graves etc, of the brutal events in Ukraine, Donbass
and Crimea. Lest anyone suggest we live in a civilized world where
peace and daisies will save us all.