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The Panama Papers: If you thought Snowden's Leaks were a 'limited hangout' then...

On Mon, 4 Apr 2016 15:07:06 -0700
Rayzer <[email protected]> wrote:

> juan wrote:
> > 	One could argue there's a bit of collateral damage among the
> > 	oligarchy. The piece of propaganda that rysiek kindly linked
> > 	has a list of evildoers which includes putin...and an
> > 	asshole argentine football player. One would wonder why they
> > 	are 'making an example' out of this particular guy. I guess
> > 	he's not on obomba's team.
> >
> >
> David Cameron's father is in there too.

	Hm. That one may be a bit harder to explain. 'Plausible
	deniability' maybe? As in "See? We are not (completely)
	biased". Also, the best propaganda has a % of truth mixed in.

> I've noticed that these sorts of mass unsorted dox dumps often have
> some sort of obfuscation angle to them. Just about the time the
> congressional Benghazi hearings began someone dumped every damn dox
> regarding Libya on the media for publishing. The truth gets lost in
> the clutter 

	Yes, I was thinking about that too. How much damaging
	information could, say, a 100 kb text file contain? My guess is
	a lot. 
	On the other hand, having terabytes of raw data that need to be
	somehow analyzed isn't as effective. 

	But, truth be told, having access to the raw data is a good
	thing (assuming it hasn't been tampered with...)

> and ordinary folks who would be interested eyes glaze
> over. They end up reinforced in believing what they already 'knew'.