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solutions for source code take downs due to DMCA?

On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 4:07 PM, rysiek <[email protected]> wrote:

> Dnia sobota, 19 marca 2016 13:04:55 Zenaan Harkness pisze:
> > brief github session:
> > (...)
> 1. use a centralized, corporate-operated service;
> 2. be surprised when corporate exercises their power based on
> centralisation
>    by taking something down;
> 3. be completely appalled, write an angry blog post or e-mail;
> 4. start using a different centralized service;
> 5. rinse, repeat.
> > It seems "we" have yet to design a functional hidden service?
> It seems "we" have yet to take our heads out of our asses and stop using
> centralized shit because "it's convenient".

Convenience of the developer is secondary to convenience of the user. If
the user has to take a bunch of extra steps to download or contribute to
your software, your project is far more likely to die of that than it would
be to get taken down on some centralized service.

And even if your software is hosted on some decentralized service, it still
needs to be discoverable in some way. If it's primarily discovered by word
of mouth, some parasite will register a domain and pretend to be the
authoritative host of it, then serve some malware-infested or backdoored
build, if it's even your software at all. That happens even with
centrally-hosted software when the developers don't pay enough attention to
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