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Help: Can anyone identify what this is?

On Thu, Mar 19, 2015, at 07:12 PM, Troy Etulain wrote:
> It would be helpful to know what the units of measurement are on
> the side.

I'm at home now so can't give you measurements based on the size of the
tiles vs the device from the video. I'll be in on Monday and update the
thread... but off the cuff I'd say about it's about 25cm X 25cm and 10cm
high. The Antennas base was around 2cm diameter and antenna height
around 20cm high.

He held it by a single antenna when he left, and the way how it swung as
he lifted it up onto his clipboard I'd say it wasn't light but wasn't
heavy. Random stab - 600g in total (I'm comparing it to a Kindle that
I've got near by).

> If they are amps it would indicate that the boxes are transmitting a
> signal, rather than listening. Can you tell from the video?

Not sure how I could tell.

> Were the lights flashing? Interesting that only one is illuminated in
> this photo.

Only one light was constantly on. No flashing.


  Alfie John
  [email protected]