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Help: Can anyone identify what this is?

Hi everyone,

We had someone loitering near our front office door today. The
conversation went like this:

  Me: What are you doing?
  Him: Nothing
  Me: Where are you from?
  Him: A company
  Me: Do you work for Google (he was wearing a Google t-shirt)?
  Him: No
  Me: Who do you work for?
  Him: Leidos

He had a device hidden near the stairwell door:


Sorry for the low quality image. It was taken from a capture of a
video. I've got the video at work but would rather not release it as
yet because it has his face on it.

The diameter of the antenna base was around 2cm and the height
of the antenna was around 15cm.

Someone on Reddit said that it looked like a jammer. After going to
Google Images and searching for the following, it looks like he's on the
right track:

  - "GSM detector"
  - "GSM jammer"
  - "GPS detector"
  - "GPS jammer"

If anyone has info on what this device could be or where I could go to
get more info, that would be much appreciated.


  Alfie John
  [email protected]