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Cypherpunk Politics

On Thu, 05 Mar 2015 13:46:15 -0600
Douglas Lucas <[email protected]> (sarcastically) wrote:

> There are people who accept that the JFK
> assassination was a US domestic coup

I accept that the Banker's Coup against FDR (exposed by Smedley Butler
of "War is a Racket" fame) culminated in part as the assassination of
JFK. Even as he was speaking the words (paraphrase) 'There are dark
forces seeking to overthrow our way of life and I'm going to get to the
bottom of it before...' my mother was receiving the very first
'revolving charge cards'. Now better known as "Credit Cards".

Before that time they were referred to as "Charge Plates" and the
companies issuing them expected PAYMENT IN FULL at EOM.

Those revolving charge cards, which were sent en masse without request
to damn near every adult in the US were credit check free. All you had
to do was USE it and it was yours... To buy any shiny thing the
burgeoning advertising industry was offering, and the user got
locked into an insidious form of economic slavery... Typically for the
rest of their consumerist lives.

My mother was always cutting the cards into confetti and sending them
back to the companies, but eventually, like almost every American, she

Between the banking industry for whom revolving charge accounts were a
godsend in the way of permanently ongoing interest charged to almost
every adult American, which I suspect was the instrument of the "Dark
Force" in JFK's words I paraphrased in the first paragraph, the CIA...
still enraged (along with the Cuban Gusanos they fronted for, and
continue to assist up to this very day) by JFK's failure to provide air
support to the Bay of Pigs invaders leading to the failure of the
invasion, and the MAFIA, who lost their rum-running-Whorehouse
operation on Cuba because of that failed invasion, JFK made some mighty
powerful enemies any of whom could have EASILY arranged his

In the good ol' days Presidents even rode around in convertibles.

About the Mafia's rum-running FOB/whorehouse, Cuba...