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Cypherpunk Politics


On 01/18/2015 01:36 AM, grarpamp wrote:
> What of political license / subscription to theory, and actual
> politiking like Pirate Party?
> Are the various cypherpunk manifesto's serve as actual platform
> and/or docs for same?
> Who is forming such entities in today? Where are they now?
> What are the platform/action?

The establishment invariably co-opts. Stratfor's Duchin formula (free
Jeremy) is one corporations use to defeat grassroots activists. It is as
follows: bet on the opportunists, co-opt the realists, emotionally
manipulate the idealists into becoming realists, and as a result of all
this, the radicals are isolated and left without support.

So skip the establishment. I know this might be heretical to most of
y'all, but after all of the privacy omg shiny tech toys are said and
done, Bitcoin is just more money. We need to get rid of the financial
system. Read up on some, call it anarchism if you haven't. Try Ursula K.
Le Guin's The Dispossessed (fiction), Heather Marsh's Binding Chaos
(nonfiction), and plenty of other resources. You know how to search
engine, you can find those for free.

What I find hilarious is that there are people who accept that the JFK
assassination was a US domestic coup, that the dark arts of marketers'
psychological manipulation is near-infinite in power, etc., but still
think the authorities are too dumb to figure out how to stop the
citizenry from voting them out.

Thankfully, everyone's familiar with approval economy (I support you, so
I will pass the salt (share resources); you suck, so get out of my
house) which has an opportunity to go widespread in the West whenever
and wherever there's collapse of the official economy (as opposed to
human, drugs, and arms trafficking shadow economies) or natural disasters.

We don't need no Senator Assange or Falkvinge being a Thought Leader.
Turn that shit off and go make it a potluck/community garden everywhere.
BUT that won't build your brand, you won't get to sit on panels, etc.
The going rate for seriously working to end the financial system is
generally $0/hr. More fun to build independent public inquiries
tribunals (I'm working on documenting past examples: what went wrong?
what went right? how did they develop from idea to execution?) than to
try to lol vote. Democracy sucks: individuals can't represent groups and
vice versa. also lol vote.