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Cypherpunk Politics

I have to agree that these days I don't see elections, as currently 
performed, as being effective at representing the population.

Case in point, here in Ireland we have Proportional Representation, 
which helps to prevent a two-party system and means that we are more 
likely to achieve a voting outcome that satisfies (or dissatisfies) the 
most people; a compromise, instead of a strategically voted least-worst.

However, we still have the problem that only a wealthy person can run 
for office, in the same way that only a wealthy person can take the risk 
of "boot-strapping" a company or take any comparable risk. So, only 
wealthy people get represented, and thus regular or disadvantaged people 
get little representation.

Far better, I think, to take a statistically relevant sample of the 
population on a rolling basis: Liquid Sortition.

If I had my way, one of our houses of government would be pure liquid 
sortition, the other would be a form of liquid democracy, and instead of 
a president we'd call a large jury for each legislative change that 
might require constitutional oversight.

But I won't get my way. :)

On 05/03/15 20:32, grarpamp wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 2:46 PM, Douglas Lucas <[email protected]> wrote:
>> So skip the establishment.
>> ...
>> Democracy sucks: individuals can't represent groups and
>> vice versa.
> For some, the NULL is just as valid an answer to the political
> question. A hard thing to achieve as it is nature of humanity
> to group in things, including politic.

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