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why do you sign your mails?

On 26/06/2014 06:55, Scott Blaydes wrote:
> On Jun 25, 2014, at 5:52 AM, rysiek <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Dnia Å?roda, 25 czerwca 2014 11:20:50 stef pisze:
>>> i noticed lots of users pgp-sign their mails to mailing-lists. what exactly
>>> is the reason/usecase/attackvector you defend against for that? what
>>> exactly is the reason for doing so on public mailing lists? and why does it
>>> make sense to sign irrelevant messages like "+1" or "just kidding" -
>>> assuming no stego usecase is in play.
>> One more reason: spreading the word about GPG/PGP. This actually helps get 
>> people interested in encryption, and helps also inform people that do have a 
>> GPG/PGP key (but for different reasons do not use them on a general basis), 
>> that here's a person that does use it, and it's possible to encrypt e-mails to 
>> that person.
>> Which might not be all that important on cpunks, I give you that, but a rule 
>> is a rule. ;)
> I do it to let the people I am communicating with through plaintext email know that I am setup and configured to handle encrypted communications. All they need to do is pull my pub key off of a key server and then our communications are encrypted from that point forward.
> The prevention of being impersonated is also one reason, along with a way to secretly signal to the recipient that I am under duress and my words may not be my own.
> Course that all goes out the window when emailing from my cellphone. That ainâ??t no way I want my private key on my cellphone.
Maybe you could create a signing subkey specifically for your cell phone.
> Thank you,
> Scott Blaydes
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