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John posted the following link:

See *saluations*

Without a *t*

My little joke was not to your liking I guess.

Add a *t* between *u* and *a*

You will get the right link.


On 20/06/2014 23:48, Cari Machet wrote:
> fuck the state in all its incarnations
> 'There is nothing like an accusation of rape when it comes to destroying a
> man's reputation and character. The accusation alone carries with it a mark
> of shame that can never be completely eradicated.' since when has this been
> a reality? - total crap
> dear john wight please dont write about camus
> On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 9:34 PM, beam <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Do you want a cup of *t* ?
>> On 20/06/2014 19:15, John Young wrote:
>>> Virtually nobody is not exploiting Assange for their own purposes.
>>> Kristinn Hrafnsson is among the media monsters, pro and con,
>>> creating and feeding a market for their derivative shallowness of
>>> Assange's fame.
>>> Our latest derivative exploitation over eight years:
>>> http://cryptome.org/2014/06/saluations-assange.htm
>>> To be sure, Assange has derivatively exploited Cypherpunks
>>> since about 1995, naming a book, articles, talks, brags,
>>> after this collective as if his own. That ownership, to be certain,
>>> is a given of this list as it should be everywhere to combat the
>>> thieves and spies of content, branded, marked up and marketed
>>> by way of centralizing media monstrosities.
>>> Combat between cryptoarchists of centralized control and
>>> cryptoanarchists of distributed uncontrol wll go on forever.
>>> Assange's fame and infame are being fought over by
>>> centralizers and decentralzers. Which way he will tip is
>>> his secret of controlling the tusslers as well as what
>>> he whispers to those he is fucking.

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