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Virtually nobody is not exploiting Assange for their own purposes.
Kristinn Hrafnsson is among the media monsters, pro and con,
creating and feeding a market for their derivative shallowness of
Assange's fame.

Our latest derivative exploitation over eight years:


To be sure, Assange has derivatively exploited Cypherpunks
since about 1995, naming a book, articles, talks, brags,
after this collective as if his own. That ownership, to be certain,
is a given of this list as it should be everywhere to combat the
thieves and spies of content, branded, marked up and marketed
by way of centralizing media monstrosities.

Combat between cryptoarchists of centralized control and
cryptoanarchists of distributed uncontrol wll go on forever.
Assange's fame and infame are being fought over by
centralizers and decentralzers. Which way he will tip is
his secret of controlling the tusslers as well as what
he whispers to those he is fucking.