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I wouldn't say "true", I'd say "proto". In the end, you're still relying
on a central point of trust, in this case Keybase, for a lot of the key
distribution, but as a way to bootstrap a WoT that can outgrow Keybase I
think it looks really promising. I'm not one to shirk hackish solutions
in favour of purity, because purity has barely worked in decades of PGP
WoT building.

Speaking of Keybase, anyone got an invite? :)

On 20/06/14 17:03, MrBiTs wrote:
> Hello, guys
> Keybase.io seems to be a great tool to create a true WoT. Are anybody in there? They are working with invitations.
> CheerS

T: @onetruecathal, @IndieBBDNA
P: +353876363185
W: http://indiebiotech.com
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