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Fwd: [Cryptography] bitcoins over the air

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From: Sampo Syreeni <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 8:59 PM
Subject: [Cryptography] bitcoins over the air
To: cryptography-list <[email protected]>

In case people are interested in a project of a friend of mine, Joel
Lehtonen (aka Zouppen) is on a fast track to implementing Bitcoin
transaction and blockchain broadcast over the airwaves. Everything is
half done, so he might need some help; at the same time that half-done
then also includes half the funding, half the code, and half the
negotiation with the Finnish monopoly DVB-T provider, Digita, to
actually broadcast the stuff to a couple of million strong. Even if
it's just a test, it's already well on its way to happening in a month
or so; so it will.

If people are willing to chip in, especially with funding, deeper code
knowhow, radio-fu, and the rest of the useful ones, do contact him, or
me (aka decoy), on FB/G+/IRCNet/freenode, or better yet join
#bitcoinradio on the latter.

In particular we don't have any idea of how to push transactions back
towards the network over any sort of cheap-to-free, preferably
universal radio path. If you do, even in a quilted fashion, we'd
really like to know. And since the only ones who're really allowed to
experiment on them waves today are hams, those of you who possess that
qualification, your input is in the direst of needs.

Finally, I hope this isn't too much off topic; it *is* about spreading
a cryptocurrency and finding its optimal OTA protocols, after all. Not
perhaps the most usual stuff on-list nowadays...but certainly the kind
of across-the-board architectural stuff the list started out with, in
the crypto days of yonder. I hope it fits.
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