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> Hey people,
> Could you give me your impressions about the use (only in Linux) of
> dm-crypt + LUKS instead of truecrypt?

The developers for Tails (https://tails.boum.org/) chose LUKS for Tails
1.0.1 ~ LUKS being a version of cryptsetup, using dm-crypt on backend. 
This is what you are suggesting to use I guess?

I'd say the Tails developers made a good choice.

> For me there is no need to use my encrypted disks with OSX or Windows,
> so, due the last movements of truecrypt, I am planning to move my
> encrypted disks from truecrypt to dm-crypt + LUKS.
> Did you see is as a bad decision, in terms of possible flaws in dm-crypt?

Not a bad decision at all.  Here is an excellent post about some
reasonable options...

> Best Regards
> yap