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stinky shit in fedland - lawful^H^H^Hless mobile fuckery cover-ups in progress...


Stingrays can track cell phones whenever the phones are turned on, not
just when they are making or receiving calls.

Stingrays force cell phones in range to transmit information back â??at
full signal, consuming battery faster.â?? Is your phone losing battery
power particularly quickly today? Maybe the cops are using a stingray

When in use, stingrays are â??evaluating all the [cell phone] handsets
in the areaâ?? in order to search for the suspectâ??s phone. That means
that large numbers of innocent bystandersâ?? location and phone
information is captured.

In this case, police used two versions of the stingray â?? one mounted
on a police vehicle, and the other carried by hand. Police drove
through the area using the vehicle-based device until they found the
apartment complex in which the target phone was located, and then they
walked around with the handheld device and stood â??at every door and
every window in that complexâ?? until they figured out which apartment
the phone was located in. In other words, police were lurking outside
peopleâ??s windows and sending powerful electronic signals into their
private homes in order to collect information from within.

The Tallahassee detective testifying in the hearing estimated that,
between spring of 2007 and August of 2010, the Tallahassee Police had
used stingrays approximately â??200 or more times.â??

it gets worse from here...  ;)