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stinky shit in fedland - lawful^H^H^Hless mobile fuckery cover-ups in progress...

for those new to this game, the storyline is summarized below,

On Tue, Jun 3, 2014 at 7:53 PM, coderman <[email protected]> wrote:
> ...
> U.S. Marshals Seize Local Copsâ?? Cell Phone Tracking Files in
> Extraordinary Attempt to Keep Information From Public
> RED FLAG #1: The Sarasota Police initially told us that they had
> responsive records, including applications filed by and orders issued
> to a local detective under the state â??trap and traceâ?? statute that he
> had relied on for authorization to conduct stingray surveillance. That
> raised the first red flag, since trap and trace orders are typically
> used to gather limited information about the phone numbers of incoming
> calls, not to track cell phones inside private spaces or conduct
> dragnet surveillance...
> RED FLAG #2: The Sarasota Police set up an appointment for us to
> inspect the applications and orders, as required by Florida law. But a
> few hours before that appointment, an assistant city attorney sent an
> email cancelling the meeting on the basis that the U.S. Marshals
> Service was claiming the records as their own and instructing the
> local cops not to release them...
> RED FLAG #3: Realizing we werenâ??t going to get hold of the Sarasota
> Police Departmentâ??s copies of the applications and orders anytime
> soon, we asked the county court if we could obtain copies from its
> files. Incredibly, the court said it had no copies. The court doesnâ??t
> even have docket entries indicating that applications were filed or
> orders issued. Apparently, the local detective came to court with a
> single paper copy of the application and proposed order, and then
> walked out with the same papers once signed by a judge.

discoveries we'll get to enjoy, with the appropriate shocked, shocked!

- The Known Tools Have Few Controls and Intentional Secrecy
not only are the Stingray/IMSI catcher devices not properly
controlled, but they are actively shielded from oversight through
non-disclosure / trade-secret / and national security trump card
arguments that don't hold water.

- The Known Tools Hint at Deeper Invasive Techniques, Also Lacking Oversight
not only is location / metadata (penregister) information obtained,
but similar programs with private industry selling advanced tools to
law enforcement will uncover even more egregious violations of law
extending to full content (wiretap) collection without sufficient
authority or oversight.

- The Lawless Intercepts and Unlawful Invasions Of Privacy Shielded by
Prosecutors and Judiciary using Reverse Forensics
 the synergy of "parallel construction meets illegal intercepts" will
uncover the ways in which initial aggressive legal interpretations are
further distorted, and secrecy further applied paramount, to serve the
interests of prosecutor careers and public face over actual justice
and respect for law.

- Truly In-discriminant and Whole-sale Invasions of Constitutionally
Protected Communications Are Routine Fed Behaviors
and not just routine but the expected side effects of military
blunt-force intelligence gathering systems aimed at domestic targets
illegally. these military systems covertly re-purposed for domestic
surveillance at the federal level enjoy FBI DITU running front-man and
cover for all the exceptional secrecy this programs entails. (and why
such truly aggressive offensive techniques applied indiscriminately
have yet to reach state and municipal LE need to know.)