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Our nameless project.

On 01/06/14 11:14, danimoth wrote:
> On 01/06/14 at 10:39am, davidroman96 wrote:
>>  To difficult the espionage and try to improve anonymity. Without open
>> and transparent organisms (ISP, governments, etc) real privacy and
>> anonymity is impossible.
> You are still ignoring my advice to read something about DC nets.
> Unfortunately, you are so committed with your opinions, even when facing
> a blocking problems (like ISP-blocking your spoofed traffic) that is
> near impossible to ''guide`` you. Even in real life, your approach is
> totally broken; you should stand on the shoulders of giants and, if you
> can, add little pieces to well known state-of-art.
> So, instead to wrote / invent / make an anonymous system from scratch,
> go using [1] and studying it. From its webpage:
> Dissent builds on dining cryptographers and verifiable shuffle
> algorithms to offer provable anonymity guarantees, even in the face of
> traffic analysis attacks, of the kinds likely to be feasible for
> authoritarian governments and their state-controlled ISPs for example.
> Dissent seeks to offer accountable anonymity, giving users strong
> guarantees of anonymity while also protecting online groups or forums
> from anonymous abuse such as spam, Sybil attacks, and sockpuppetry.
> Unlike other systems, Dissent can guarantee that each user of an online
> forum gets exactly one bandwidth share, one vote, or one pseudonym,
> which other users can block in the event of misbehavior.
> In your previous email, you clearly doesn't know what you're talking
> about.
> Disclaimer: I'm not frustrated, thwarted or something like this, I'm
> only trying to help you in the only way I know.
> [1] http://dedis.cs.yale.edu/dissent/
Our idea is not to build a perfect program, is to build a program to
accomplish one goal and improve it as we learn more (in deep
cryptography we are newbies) to do it more useful (and publish it when /
if we get to a reasonable level), but the first step is to present the
idea to be criticized I think. We will learn more about cryptography and
alternative nets (like DC nets), thank to all.