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Our nameless project.

On 01/06/14 at 10:39am, davidroman96 wrote:
>  To difficult the espionage and try to improve anonymity. Without open
> and transparent organisms (ISP, governments, etc) real privacy and
> anonymity is impossible.

You are still ignoring my advice to read something about DC nets.
Unfortunately, you are so committed with your opinions, even when facing
a blocking problems (like ISP-blocking your spoofed traffic) that is
near impossible to ''guide`` you. Even in real life, your approach is
totally broken; you should stand on the shoulders of giants and, if you
can, add little pieces to well known state-of-art.

So, instead to wrote / invent / make an anonymous system from scratch,
go using [1] and studying it. From its webpage:

Dissent builds on dining cryptographers and verifiable shuffle
algorithms to offer provable anonymity guarantees, even in the face of
traffic analysis attacks, of the kinds likely to be feasible for
authoritarian governments and their state-controlled ISPs for example.

Dissent seeks to offer accountable anonymity, giving users strong
guarantees of anonymity while also protecting online groups or forums
from anonymous abuse such as spam, Sybil attacks, and sockpuppetry.
Unlike other systems, Dissent can guarantee that each user of an online
forum gets exactly one bandwidth share, one vote, or one pseudonym,
which other users can block in the event of misbehavior.

In your previous email, you clearly doesn't know what you're talking

Disclaimer: I'm not frustrated, thwarted or something like this, I'm
only trying to help you in the only way I know.

[1] http://dedis.cs.yale.edu/dissent/