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[ot] Test #1

Well, this list is particularly susceptible to bullshit and flaming, and
there's plenty that could be done to fix it but nothing is.

Remailers could be required to have a hashcash header above a value
that'd take about a minute to mint, so anonymity comes with a cost.
Legit users will happily pay, asshats just looking to flame people will
get bored and more on.

Users that spam noise more than content are easily blocked by users
individually, but persistent nonsense is easy blocked at the list level
by moderation; except that the mods here are radical-free-speech guys
who equate moderation of their own personal lists to state-level
censorship. :P

My point being, I guess, that often "activists" play into the hands of
"authoritarianism" by aligning themselves against even the most basic
methods of maintaining social cohesion. So, Occupy insisted on
"consensus", which made it trivial to undermine by simply planting guys
in the crowd who'd force "compromises" on important issues that watered
them down to nothing. Lots of "info-activists" do similarly, aiming for
some global awakening where we all sing together and agree on
everything, obviating the need for social norms of any description.

..and the result is that it's trivial to discredit them and their work,
or run interference, or make their channels so noisy that non-die-hards
will just leave. Hopefully to form their own, somewhat more moderated,

On 25/02/14 04:30, Alfie John wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 25, 2014, at 02:55 PM, Sampo Syreeni wrote: 
>> So, what should you do when someone clogs your inbox and probably that 
>> of thousands of others beside you, with a test email? The kind 
>> *everybody* knows shouldn't be sent to a list? Well, complain of course. 
>> Horribly. With the slightest tang of ill and cantankerous humour to 
>> soften it out just that little bit.
>> Where were you when they invented netiquette?
> Any other time and it might have seemed in bad taste, but given that The
> Intercept article I linked to was published only hours ago, I thought I
> was being highly relevant.
> Alfie

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