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[ot] Test #1

On 2014-02-25, Alfie John wrote:

> So instead of complaining like Sampo did, "don't feed the trolls" as 
> it could all be part of some JTRIG/HB Gary/Palantir campaign. Just 
> mark-as-read and move on.

Like you just did?

What I don't like is crud seeping through my spam filters. I mostly have 
it nailed, but test emails still make it. Absent GAI, how could they 

So, what should you do when someone clogs your inbox and probably that 
of thousands of others beside you, with a test email? The kind 
*everybody* knows shouldn't be sent to a list? Well, complain of course. 
Horribly. With the slightest tang of ill and cantankerous humour to 
soften it out just that little bit.

Where were you when they invented netiquette?
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